The single most effective kettlebell fat burning exercise class!

Kettlercise - Keynsham

  • Mondays at 8pm
  • Wednesday at 7pm-8pm and 8pm-9pm

All classes are in Mendip Hall - Wellsway School, Chandag Road, Keynsham.

I provide a highly-effective kettlebell fat-burning exercise class, using the BSM (blood shunting method), designed to re-shape the body like never before.

The class makes use of smaller kettlebell weights (2, 4, 6 and 8kg), and incorporates 37 blood-pumping kettlebell exercises in a set class routine that works every major and minor muscle group.

It’s an exercise class that gives participants a complete body workout. It's a high-volume, moderate intensity program, suitable for all fitness levels.

We supply the kettlebell for the first month, so as to ensure you have the correct weight and technique.

Classes cost £5, on your first class you will be given a loyalty card that once filled gives you the next class free.

I also accept MOVE GB.